Top Best Methods To Solve Any Paining Of your Body without Pain Killers

Top Best Methods To Solve Any Paining Of your Body without Pain Killers

There is no doubt that prescription painkillers reduce your pain as soon as possible. The problem is you often need more and more to quell pain associated with chronic symptoms. Worse yet, overdoses and addiction are becoming even more prevalent, meaning natural painkillers are more important than ever.

All artificial Pain Killers carry so many risk about short term, intermediate and long term side effects for Mentally & Physiologically. There are Constipation, Nausea, Vomiting, Dizziness, Confusion, Addiction, Unconsciousness, Respiratory, depression and etc. Otherwise most pain killer drugs are mixture of narcotic compound. If you consume such  drugs to relief your paining when you will addict and face to the so many harmful bad effect easily and immediately as soon as possible. So every person who hope to healthier life, always try to understand and avoid the artificial drugs.So you should always try to solve your simple paining and diseases through the natural ways.

We live in technological era where always find and produce so many artificial drugs. Anyway, you should understand that most drugs are dangerous and gain you so many mentally and physiologically harmful effects.

Furthermore, we can find so many vegetables , fruits , grains and tactics to relief our paining forever. I see always that our villagers use such drugs and tactics to solve their paining and diseases.

1.Usages Of Natural Plants,vegetable,fruits and seed to solve Paining.


It can solve easily digestion problem and coughing condition. You can consume ginger juice with Bee Honey. Otherwise,  ginger includes  best  anti-inflammatory properties to solve Gastritis,promote better digestion and belly bloating

Apple And Cider Vinegar

it can reduce inflammation due to Arthritis,muscle and cramp.


It can solve ear paining and can remove ear wax easily.You can add some lukewarm Garlic oil to ear 2 times per day. It will solve your ear trouble as soon as possible.


If you are suffering from severe toothache when you can chew half of clove buds for the 2,3 times per day.I am very sure that it will be solved immediately.


Add Turmeric powder to your meals.It help to solve so many paining in your body.otherwise you can add Tumeric powder for wound to relief paining.

Painfully Spicy Foods

spicy Foods such  Cayenne includes isothiocyanates  where Researcher from University of California San Francisco made a recent discovery suggesting that isothiocyanates could block an inflammation receptor, making it a potentially important natural painkiller.So you can try to consume Spicy Foods to solve your paining.

Powerful Pain-Relieving Oils

Natural oils are best application to solve any pains in your bidy.i see always here so many person use sidhartha oils,Brungamalaka oil,Pepermint…etc to solve their paining.


A technique of deep tissue manipulation aimed at the release and realignment of the body, and the reduction of muscular and psychic tension. Rolfing is best for 2o yrs to any ages persons.

2.Simple Nervous Therapy

You can find nervous center to relief your body paining. As example if you are suffering from Gastritis when you can use this techniques easily to solve your gastritis forever.


Meditation is also can relief your body pains as well as any diseases easily and rapidly.

If you can practice mentiontioned application when you can solve Any pains without artificial medication.Thanks


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