Non Medical Remedies for Gastritis

Non Medical Remedies for Gastritis

Gastritis is feeling inflammation of the stomach. Most person use the term of gastritis for many different abdominal problems. But real gastritis is inflamed in stomach. Gastritis can be categorized as below. Anyway Gastritis is most common illness in world. There are many Non Medical Remedies for Gastritis to prevent or get safe from it.Non Medical Remedies for Gastritis

  • Acute Gastritis -There are erosive and non erosive gastritis can be occurred. Erosive Gastritis remove mucous cell in the stomach. And it can diagnose by endoscopy test.
  • Chronic Gastritis –It can diagnose by Histopathology (Microscopic examination of the diseased cells). Symptoms can be seen long time.Main reason of chronic gastric for the most Americans are consuming so much NSADs drugs. Generally 30 millions Americans use NSADs daily for headache, sprains, arthritis symptoms and other diseases. A major reason of the chronic and acute gastric is bacterial (Helicobacter pylori) infection of the stomach. Basically Bacteria enter the stomach antrum and finally infects to the all over the stomach.

This articles is focusing only about induce the Non Medical Remedies for Gastritis to relief from Gastritis pains and How to prevent from the gastritis.


  • Sour taste in mouth.
  • Belching.
  • Flatulence.
  • Restlessness.

When you have this unbearable burning sensation of the stomach what do you do? You had to visit a doctor and he or she prescribe lot of unpleasant drugs. Then you come home and tried one or two doses of them. After that just throw it away. Then again continued your usual unhealthy life style which caused this gastritis. Yes, you continued with taking spicy food, skipping meals, taking alcoholic drinks, may be smoking too. So after few days again you suffered from this upper abdominal discomfort, feeling fullness of your tummy, belching, severe burning pain in the stomach, headache nausea and vomiting too. You again spend money on medicine and again you have to listen same list of advice from your doctor. Taking medicine is troublesome and hazardous too. Its unpleasant taste make your life miserable, More than that there are serious side effects. That is when we achieve the desirable effect of a drug there comes lot of unwanted things with it.

To avoid all of this isn’t it good if we can have some non medical remedies for the Gastritis ?

Four Non medical Remedies for Gastritis.

01. Take a cup of water in pan. Add 3, 5 basil leaves and boil about 15 minutes. Finally drink it. If you need, add some bee Honey.basil leaves Non Medical Remedies for Gastritis

02. Take a cup of water to the pan and add half of teaspoon of cinnamon(Kurudu) powder to fan then boil it about 15 minutes and drink it.cinnamon powder Non Medical Remedies for Gastritis

03. Take one to two table spoons of fenugreek(uluhal) seeds. Then add some water and grind it to formed smooth paste. Finally mix it with a cup of butter milk and drink it.fenugreek seeds Non Medical Remedies for Gastritis

04. This is a simple inexpensive method. This can be done in your home with your own hands. It has given positive results very quickly and now it is widely accept as a complimentary treatment. It is tested for a long time now and proven effective.

What is this Non Medical Remedies for Gastritis? It is none other than a simple foot massage there is a scientific basis for that so you don’t have to worry. The foot is acting as a separate body. Our foot represents our body parts and our organs. So by massaging a section of the foot the relevant body area get stimulated and responses. So we can massage one or more areas of the foot depending on the illness specific therapeutic effects can be achieved. Now let me explain the procedure.

First of all, before starting to practice this, you must keep few things in your mind. That is, when you get any gastritis symptoms for the first time It is a must you see a doctor and have a proper diagnosis.
Because there are so many serious illnesses which may mimic gastritis symptoms. So if you are having repeated symptoms better to get yourself cleared by a proper examination and diagnosis. Now let us say you were diagnosed as having gastritis. Then you must follow all the advice given by the doctor about changing your life style. having healthy diet , reduce spice intake, stop skipping meals avoid alcohol and smoking, drink lot of water the best drink ever. Etc In spite of all that you may get an attack of gastritis during the most inconvenient time usually. If you know how to get this done yourself, you can achieve all the benefit.

This is the way to follow this non Medical Remedies for Gastritis.

Step 1: Remove the shoes and socks because it is best done barefooted.

Step 2: Sit on a chair comfortably and keep the foot you are going to massage on another chair or a stool. If you are starting with left foot, massage has to be done by your left thumb. There are no rules as such but it is convenient that way and you can put more strength to your massage.

Step 3: You must locate the area of the foot where the stomach and duodenum (the upper part of the small intestine) represents. For that you can either use a massage chart or use this simple method by keeping the extended four fingers of your left hand together and take “four finger breadth” measurement from the root of the big toe. Palm sides of the lower part of your fingers touching the first part of the sole below the big toe. When you keep your hand like this the massaging spot will be the just near the lower part of the index finger. It comes to the depressed part in your sole.Foot therapy-Non Medical Remedies for Gastritis

Step 4: Having located correctly the exact spot you can start massaging now. Use your right thumb for right foot and left thumb for left foot.

Step 5: Now start massaging. Do it in a circular motion with exerting some firm pressure to that area. Do it for about four minutes for each foot.

Step 6: finish it and wait for few minutes To your surprise your burning pain will be lessened and you will realize that it has completely vanished. You can repeat it after 2 to 3 days if you feel like. Try this and share your experience of this Non Medical Remedies for Gastritis.

By Dr. Lanka Siriwardhana & Dr. S.K. Munasinghe.

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