Maintenance pH and Cancer Prevention

Carcinogen cells can grow and protect in acidic environment easily. Growth of cancer cells increases with the acidity. If acidity increase or pH value decreases when rate of the carcinogen growth will increases. But it can’t survive in alkaline medium. Cancer cells always create acidic environment by producing lactic acid it selves. Because any person who suffer by cancer that he should try to keep her or his pH level at the alkaline level. Then cancer person can protect and drop the cancer cell growth by Maintenance pH and Cancer Prevention.Maintenance pH and Cancer Prevention

Some cancer such as Breast cancer and Colorectal (Solid tumors) cancers can heal totally absolutely which are curable by treating combination of surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.  And Leukemia and Lymphomas can cure by giving chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Cancer treatment including Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy destroys every active cells always. Anyway they will clear our body to heal the cancer. The site effects of the currently treatment plans can be seen after all treatments of the cancers. But those side effects are not harmful than cancer diseases.

Importance of pH – Maintenance pH and Cancer Prevention

The concentration of H + (aq) in a solution can be expressed in terms of the pH scale.

pH stands for power of hydrogen which is measured of the acidity in the body. It can be seen 1 to 14 .Acidity ranges are 1 to 7 and alkaline ranges are 7 to 14. pH 7 is neutral values. Healthier person can be seen the pH value around 7. Actually healthy blood is slightly alkaline/basic which is closed to pH 7.4.

Actually blood is best buffer solution in the nature. Buffers are which have the ability to resist changes of the acidity or alkalinity, their pH remaining almost constant when small amount of acids or alkali are added. So blood can be maintained at approximately 7.4.A little changes as 0.5 of pH unit is likely to be fatal. If you are a cancer patient, pH value decreases to the lower value automatically. So you should concern to control pH value to the alkaline value. Blood can buffer or maintain around the small range of pH. So every cancer patient should try to eat alkaline meals always.

The healing approach to make better health should be included the pH balance techniques which It is scientifically proven. There are non medical remedies such as taken alkaline minerals rich foods and vegetables as well as we can practice yoga exercises and meditations practices under supervision. Actually Meditations and yoga can stimulate hormonal system to kept  correct level at the pH .Then we can keep at the healthier conditions. It is very important for cancer patient specially.

If you are suffered by cancer, Diet is very important when treating cancer. It will be decided that you will live or die. Your diet can Maintenance pH and Cancer Prevention.  What you do take to your mouth then your body will decide it specially. Your meals cause to your life quality and length of your life. Every cancer patient need to try starves the cancer to death by stopping the acidic foods and liquids. Because Oxygen can transport to cells easily then can body can return to a correct pH level. If the body so much acidic then cells can’t consume enough oxygen and finally body goes up lower pH level to leading a carcinogen cells.

Urine and saliva of the cancer patients almost always play between 4 and 5.5 so every cancer patients should concern them pH level day by day. You can use pH meter to measure it easily. Then you can Maintenance pH and Cancer Prevention.

According our past studies we recommended the raw diet and stress free life why stress and some acidic food, your body plays to lower pH value .So you should buy water filter. Most water filter can change the pH level to alkaline range as better to drink. Actually alkaline water can boost your metabolism, reduce acid in your bloods and internal environment, and increase the rate of absorption of nutrients by digestion system. Every healthier and unhealthier person should consume alkaline diets and water specially.

Determining the pH before You Alkalize 

Purchase a pH kit.

Take some strip and dip it in the selected water sample. Then the colour changes should compare with the colour chart. Normally pH papers can be seen as red colours below the pH 7 as well as can be seen blue colours above pH seven. If the water sample has acidic when it should be alkalized to goes pH value around 8 or 9 pH scales.

Understand the pH of your water. When water is above a 7 on the pH scale, the water is basic, while water below a 7 is acidic. You want your water to be somewhere between 7 and 9.Maintenance pH and Cancer Prevention ph range

Alkalizing with Water Additives – Maintenance pH and Cancer Prevention

Use Baking Soda.

Take 1/8(600 mg) tablespoon of Normal baking soda and add to the 8 oz (o.237 liters) .Baking soda is highly alkaline content. While the baking soda adds to the water, Water plays to higher pH value. Shake, stir and mix well. Anyway after preparation of the water, you measure again the pH value. Then it has pH around 8-9, you should consume it.

If your physician recommended for the low sodium diet when don’t use baking soda to alkalies the water.

Use Lemons

At that time you can add required amount of lemon to alkalies the water. Don’t worry lemon also can plays to alkaline pH range because it is also buffer solution.

  • Fill one pitcher (64 oz.) with clean water. Filtered water is the best way to go, but if you don’t have a filter, tap water is okay to use. Divide one lemon fruit about 8 parts and add one to the 64 oz of filtered or tap water. Finally cover water samples using by cloths and put it over night.
  • Further more if you require when you add some amount of Himaliyan Sea salt to mineralize to the water.

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