Excess fatigue could be a sign of Harmful disease

We always blame for the  too-busy lifestyle. We may correct at sometime .But don’t forget it if you feel tired everyday when you don’t blow it off, Every healthy person  can adapt to their activities within 2,3 weeks. While you  are feeling much tired, you should ready to do this ; take big rest ,sleep so much, eat more fruits, consume so much water, practice some exercise, take a good bathe and Practice a meditation system. if you are feeling this symptoms after your those changes, don’t delay to contact Medical practitioner or Family  doctor. Every person should understand, excess exhaustion and fatigue may be  sign of more serous disease. Our body always give some signals about physical conditions. So we can help to care from  harmful illnesses. But you need good attention about your feelings.Excess fatigue could be a sign of Harmful disease

Here are the most common problems you need to know about that and you should know with all mentioned diseases  has symptom of Excess Fatigue.


Reason for long term fatigue  may be lack of blood cells ,so your circular system cant transport your oxygen requirement well to your cells. Anyway you feel from weak and short breath with long term fatigue it means that you cant  make your oxygen requirement of the body. Is is Anemia condition and it cause to Iron and Vitamin deficiency, blood loss, internal bleeding, worm in your gut or Any other chronic illnesses such as heart failure or cancer or kidney failure or diabetes or liver diseases. If you are pregnant or breast feeding when  woman can feel  with fatigue when you meet your Doctor, then you can solve it easily  taking by  extra Iron and vitamins.

Major symptom of the Anemia

Major symptom of the Anemia is feeling tired all over the day.if you are feeling Anemia when you can’t do at least simple exercise  such as climbing stairs or walking to living rooms or on the TV or  answering the call…

Actually you can’t do at least your day to day works without fatigue. Further more, know us, that you  try do your works well. But you will be very tired at the works. Please stop do your work and meet your Doctor. It is the best  way to care your life, Very risk. Please concern this symptoms. It will be dangerous, Actually harmful. You may be suffered by Anemia.

How to Diagnose

  1. Anemia can diagnose through the physical evaluation and blood test including full blood count (FBC). Anyway you need to check level of the Red cells of the blood.
  2. Blood loss can be found by Stool test.

Thyroid Disease.

Thyroid DiseaseIf you feel from thyroid trouble when your metabolism change. It is located in front of the neck and produces hormones that control your Metabolism. Higher amount of thyroid hormone results Hyperthyroidism and increase your metabolism speed. Lower amount of hormone results decrease your metabolic speed. And Goiter is also thyroid problem.

The symptoms

If you feel with muscle fatigue and weakness when you should take notice first in thighs due to Hyperthyroidism. Because this disease; you can’t ride Bike well, Climbing stairs is very difficult. Other symptoms are weight losses, feeling warm all over the day, Speed up heart rates, shorter and less frequent menstrual flow and you feel always thirsty.

And when you have  Hypothyroidism, then you feel  with excess fatigue, an inability concentrate, feeling cold all over the day (even warmer weather), muscle soreness, minor activity, weight loss, heavier and frequent menstrual flows and Constipation. There can be seen more research about Thyroid diseases.

The tests

Thyroid diseases can investigate through the blood test. Thyroid disorders have more treatment in western medicine as well as indigenous medicine. But you can evaluate easily concerning by muscle fatigue and weakness.

DiabetesMore peoples in the world  suffer from three types of Diabetes. There are Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism and Goiter. Reason of  the Diabetes is imbalanced of the Insulin hormones release from the Thyroid gland. But most persons don’t even know it that they suffer from diabetes. Energy need to conduct your body functions, Sugar need to produce energy. Most Carbohydrates in the diet from Glucose or Fructose upon digestion. In the post-absorptive state the Blood Glucose concentration of man varies between, 80mg and 100mg/100ml. But Always  need to keep concentration of the Blood sugar in body in proper amount. If your pancreas is unhealthy in your body when you can face to Diabetes.

The symptoms:

There  can be seen the  symptoms such as Feeling tired all time, Excessive thirst, Frequent urination, Huger all time, Weight loss, Irritability, Blurred vision, Yeast infections, Soreness and Non healing wounds.

The tests:  There are most common two test.

  1. The fasting plasma glucose test  which is more common, measures your blood glucose level after fasting for 8 hours.
  2. The oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), blood is drawn twice: just before drinking a glucose syrup, then 2 hours later


Major disease in the world. if you feel Depression, you sleep always when you eat or walk or talk with others or read your news paper. You can’t solve it without treatments. It can be seen weeks or month or even years still you take medicine .Depression

The symptoms:

The experience of Depression is not same for all persons. But it  cause decrease energy, change in sleeping pattern and eating patterns, problems with memory and concentration, feeling hopelessness, worthlessness and negativity are common for every patients.

The tests:

Depression can’t identify through the blood test. Doctor can identify it easily by asking series of questions. If you have five or more symptoms below for more than 2 weeks when you need treatments for Depressions. Further more  meet your doctor please. He can help you well to solve your problem. There  are fatigue or los of enegy, sleeping too little or too much, empty mood, reduced appetite and weight loss or increased appetite and weight gain, loss of interest to enjoyed, restlessness, headaches, digestive disorders, difficuity concentrating  or remembering or making decisions, felling always guilty, hopelessness and worthlessness or tend to suicide

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Generally, Rheumatoid can’t identify early. The disease is autoimmune and can feel some pains with your join tissues, bones and cartilages. That affect may be not reversible. Don’t worry, if you have suffer some pains as mentioned above when you should consult your Doctor immediately.

 The symptoms:

Symptoms of  both anemia and thyroid diseases are same.

The tests:

It can detect through the blood test and X-rays test.

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic FatigueThis breaking up condition causes a strong Fatigue and it will results to make easily exhausted with little exertion. Because this disease, you can’t do well  at least your day to day works.

The symptoms

Symptoms of the Chronic fatigue  is headache, muscle and joint pain, weakness  and inability to concentrate

The tests: Not specified test for that.But Doctor can identify it  with your symptoms.

Sleep ApneaSleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is chronic disease which it is disturbed to sleeping because breathing is briefly interrupted or becomes very shallow during sleep. This condition can be seen between 10, 20 seconds and can be occurred much times during  the night. Results is you can gain little sleep or light sleep at the night. Furthermore  you face to sleep in daytime always. Why you need your natural sleep rhythm? Without better sleep, you cant work productively and can’t concentrate for anything. So better way is taking medical treatments as soon as possible. Chronic sleep apnea can lead to series of health problems such as Diabetes, Hipertension, Heart diseases, Stroke, weight gain, Depression…

Sleep Apnea has much treatments in Western medicine as well as Indigenous medicine in the world. After your treatments, you can solve your sleeping troubles and then you can sleep well on  real track then you can care from mentioned diseases above. Take medicine and enjoy your life.

The symptoms:  Generally, the disorder of  Sleep Apnea makes snoring and tiredness the next day  always.

The tests:

Sleep Apnea or Chronic Sleep Apnea can be identified through the some evidence, such as antibody of the blood by Rheumatologist. Most rheumatoid patients are RA (Rheumatoid Antibodies) positive.This test is  not exact. It is 80% conclusive.

It can identify the doctor at the sleep clinic by monitoring your sleep pattern , breathing changes and brain activities.

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