Meditation and Organic foods can solve any diseases.


Tired and stress have big relationship than other physical condition. Anyway most Americans, around 40% are suffering from insomnia which it is sleep disorder due to so many reasons closed your life. Further insomnia can solve practicing by effective meditation and consuming organic foods. What is the meditation to prevent and solve your sleep disorder and other diseases? Meditation is highly effective and productive way to concentrate your mind .if you practice meditation when you can control your mind easily then you can remove your diseases and disorder by commanding to mind.

Actually how can help meditation to control your mind? While you concentrate your mind then your health conditions will be enhanced /improved to optimum level, your hormonal system will be gone to correct level automatically. Actually meditation can induce your physical pattern lead to be improved mental health finally. Don’t forget to consume organic foods when you practice the meditation .Why anybody needs unpolluted nutrition to improve your mind and physical conditions, Furthermore not enough good nutrients, to enhance your healthy life needs good command to mental. How could work by mixing awesome commanding and better nutrients for your life.Anyway every body try use the combination of diseases- medication- organic foods to heal your diseases.

How to find suitable meditation program?

We recommended varies types of meditation to improve mental health. Find and practice suitable meditation immediately. We express simple meditation now. You can practice it easily. Can you think about your breathing? Don’t go to control it but you can think about it.

First you think about starting point to end point such as external air come to lung walls. It is breath up. Secondly think about breath of f .Your breathed air goes again lung walls to environments through the nasal track.

Thirdly you can think about air path /route smallest distance by smallest distance.

Finally think how to go air molecules, environment to lung walls and reverse process. You should think about only that air traveling.

How to find  better organic foods?

Some foods can improve your mind concentration than other foods such as banana, spinach, Lemon BalmChamomile,  Milk,  Almonds, Crab + Protein     …etc. what is the organic foods? Organic foods are any foods and vegetables’ produced by organic farming. What is organic farming? Organic farming is growing techniques which it does not use artificial fertilizer or artificial pesticide or insecticides or fungicides or any artificial harmful chemicals. Actually organic farming is environmental friendly agricultural system than modern agriculture as well as it always gives us better and unpolluted foods.



If you can care a cow  under  the organic farming concept or if you can milk  who practiced real organic farming concept  ,That milk is organic food and finally you can produce  or  if you can find meat produce by real organic farming ,meat from above cow it also better organic food. Don’t misunderstand; organic foods are not the vegetables, any foods produced by organic farming concept is called as organic foods.

Furthermore you understand clearly some organic foods can  help to improve physical conditions as well as mental health. Several organic foods help to improve your mind condition.

Why do you consume herbal organic remedies while you involve to meditation?

Do you Aralu (Terminalia chebula), Bulu and Nelli(Phyllanthus embica)? These herbal foods can change healthier life. I introduce simple recipe for you. Do you know cow urine? Don’t worry take some cow urine (250ml).Then you find some Bulu  nuts, finally  insert Bulu nuts to urine vessel  and keep to soak. After 10 hrs take out and come it before you sleep. You can get good sleep than other days.Meditation and organic foods can solve any diseases easily

This document is represented after long research. Researcher select a big sample who suffered varies types of disorders and diseases. Finally they practice suitable meditation and they consume always organic awesome foods. Researcher has found wonderful results from above samples .Most patient has recovered from their disorder or diseases.

Furthermore  you all should understand  together meditation and unpolluted organic foods can solve  every diseases perfectly and easily. To rapid results You  should believe and practice it ,you can gain wonderful results.




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