Blush seeds extract can heal/ cure every cancer within 25 days

Researchers have found  a methodology to kills cancerous  tumors by treating  experimental drugs produced from the seeds of  Berries of blushwood tree which it is grown in tropical north Queensland. This plant is very rare species as well as possible to find in specific area. It can heal, cure every cancer within 25 days. Actually Blushwood  grow naturally in the rain-forest of the  Atherton Tableland  in Queensland.

Do you Know How lemon heals Cancer?

heal cure every cancer within 25 daysHowever scientist produced drugs by using extraction of the blushwood seeds is called as EBC-46. Then they select so many melanoma samples in the laboratory. Researchers used to produced drugs for varies types of cancers such as brain cancers, neck cancers, colon cancers in animals. Finally they have seen eradicated the malignant cells around more than 70% cancer animals totally. Researchers used these experimental drugs as injection directly to ill animals. Finally head of this Research Dr. Glen Boyle found so many findings as below.

“In pre-clinical trials we injected it into our models and within five minutes, you see a purpling of the area that looks like a bruise,” Boyle, from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute said.

“About 24 hours later, the tumor area goes black, a couple of days later you see a scab, and at around the 1.5 week mark, the scab falls off, leaving clean skin with no tumor there. The speed certainly surprised me.”

Researchers believe the drug triggers a cellular response which cuts off the blood supply to the tumor by opening it up.

“That’s why we see a bruise-like situation forming in the tumor,” Boyle said. “This seems to lead to an activation of the body’s own immune system which then comes in and cleans up the mess.”

Scientists used around 200 animals such as horses,dogs,Tasmanian Devils and cats for this research.150 animals have healed totally after taken this drugs. it is around 75% of this selected sample.

How lemon and bee honey fight with Cancer?

Chemical compound contained of the blushwood seeds can heal and boost every systems such  as immune system, blood circularly  system..etc., so  the this drugs can reach easily to malignant cells. Otherwise it has good feature than other chemo drugs which it can destroy totally every malignant cells faster and rapidly within 25-30 days without side effects.

When the EBC-46 was injected into the cancerous cells on the subjects, the tumors reacted by turning a dark color, then falling off.

If the cancer patients take  as injection of EBC-46 when cancer cells turn into dark color ,then falling off immediately during first 48hrs.What is meaning this cancers? process of eradition of cancer cells has finished  as 90% .Remained 10% will be off  by 23days .

Actually it is wonderful and magical drugs which it can destroy  totally every cancerous cells during 25days.

Anyway this trees are very rare, so before produce this magical drugs ,Need to grow so many blushwood trees ,finally can produce this drugs as commercial level.

Another happily news, modern scientists try to produce the chemical compound contained the blushwood seed by artificially in laboratory. Actually some chemist has reached their goals partially as more than 90% of their role. I am very sure that it will be done. They will produce this drugs in laboratory .If they will success when any commercial drugs producers can produce it as commercial level or domestic level to heal the cancers.

Anyway I invite to every persons who he/she/they can invest  for the cultivation of blushwood trees when scientists can produce brushwood extraction for the cancer patients. Then cancer patients can heal their cancer without any side effects. Furthermore I invite to find facultative plant or plants combinations which it is possible to use as blushwood extraction for the cancer treatments.

Furthermore ,future cancer treatment will be changed with drugs .it is new shed light for the cancer patients.

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