annona medicinal uses

Here we discuss about annona medicinal uses. Lets see….. already you know Nature is best answer to solve more diseases without harmful drugs. Any person should understand more fruits and vegetables can enhance our healthy.Annona Medicinal Uses

Annona muricata is medium size tree and can be seen in tropical country specially. Actually it is custard apple as well as the fruits usually says as Soursop becuse it is partially acidic nature after ripened. Anonna can be found under varies species and most varities are good for healthy life.

Annona medicinal uses List

Soursop is very taste fruit than you think and It has more nutrients such as vitamin and minerals. Annona has special Amino acids, Ascorbic acids(vitamin C), Calcium, Carbohydrates, Fibres, Iron, Phosphorus, Thiamine and Riboflavin etc. If we include the Annona for our diet when we  can release from more harmful illnesses. It is not only a fruits. Don’t forget this It is medicinal fruits.

The Ascobic acids in the Annona can fight with free radicals created in the body. Futher more It can enhance our immunity system while we can keep from more infections and disorders. And The fruits can use to relieving the constipation pains and discomforts as well as this some nutrients in the fruits can fight with parasites in the body. Those are the major Annona medicinal uses.

Soursop is best answered to to heal condition of diarrhea, fever condition and condition of indigestion. Anyway Annona is best physician in the nature to heal more diseases.

Absolutely every parts of the Annona tree is natural best medicine to heal Patients and to conduct the better physical conditions.Its Leaves can use to treat to the mouth wound and mouth ulcers.Cut or make paste by using Annona levees and mix well with boiled water. Keep it to be cold. Then apply the affected area while can relief fast than you think. Finally curing the ulcers completely.

If you are suffering by acne blackheads when you can use pulp of leaves with rosewater. Mix well above rosewater and Annona paste and apply the skin. Finally you solve your acne blackheads condition in skin. And Apply fleshy part of the fruit to any wound then you have fast healing of the wounds. It has ability  to destroy the more bacterial infections.

Various parts of the Annona plant can help to solve various types cancers because it has photochemical which can fight against the carcinogen cells in the body including breast cancers, ovarian, uterine, lungs, pancretic, anal, kidney and skin cancers.

Annona medicinal uses – Seeds

The researches has found much details about annona seeds. The seeds of the anona has high ability to heal the tumors and varies types of cancers. It contains annonaceous acetogenin compounds, It is very effective and productive to solve tumors and cancers. This is great news about Annona medicinal uses.

Eating leaves of Soursop is helping to solve gout. It has ability to solve gout. Anyway take 6 to 10  fresh and green Soursop leaves daily when you can heal this conditions quickly.

Most common experience for all persons are back-pains. We generally use to more pain killers and it has so many side effect  us but  any persons can solve back pains by using without negative effects. Take 20 leaves of Soursop and Boil with 5 cups of water well until to reduced 3 cups of water. Finally drink Three-fourth of this prepared juice. After little bit time, you can relief your back pains.

Actually Annona can  use as natural hair loss solutions, cancer treatments, loss belly fat, growing skin,acne scar treatments as well as natural teeth whitening.

This is quick review about Annona medicinal uses. Please share your Experiences with us. It will great help to everyone.

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