Amazing Frozen Lemons | Cure for Cancer

Now we should see how to use Amazing Frozen Lemons to get cure from Cancer. Actually the effective way is the consuming whole lemon fruit. Generally weight of the one lemon fruit is 110g. Scientifically  has found  that 150g of lemon fruit should consume to heal cancer easily. The patient can use either peeled lemon or unpeel lemon. But the productive way is consumed the whole lemon fruit. First select the fresh lemon fruit. Then wash it well and freeze whole lemon fruit. Finally grate it as you required. Lets see how to use Amazing Frozen Lemons.Amazing Frozen Lemons

Ways to use Amazing Frozen Lemons

You should try to Make salad using by broccoli vegetables and add/mix with small amount of grated lemons fruit. Normally try to make soap using by medicinal mushrooms and finally add required small amount of lemon. Find Rice produced by organic farming. Don’t use modified varieties. Try to find herbal rice. If you need to eat chicken when find meats produced by naturally.It should be free from harmful chemicals such as prednisolone. You can eat Amazing Frozen Lemons with chicken with very tasty. Add Amazing Frozen Lemons for any fruit juice or fruit salad.

I practiced lemon therapy to heal my wife’s beast cancer. We had good results. So I decide to to write about it for other cancer patient around world. My first articles has described health benefits of consumption of the whole lemon fruits. Cancer patients try consume 150g of frozen and grated lemon fruits per week. You practice it  during 3 months, Finally you need face to pet or other cancer diagnosing test such as pet ….etc. Then you can see that you are free from cancer.

Maintain pH by Amazing Frozen Lemons

Don’t forget to maintenance your pH value during cancer treating period specially.pH level is very important to healing cancer why carcinogen cell survive easily in the Acidic pH range so cancer patient should always keep their pH value at the Alkaline range. Then can survive and control the growth of the cancer cells further more.

You can understand PH value measuring by pH of the urine saliva. You can buy pH meter or pH papers  for that. pH testing should be done  either before 1 hr of the eating or after 2hrs of the eating.

We can represent below recipes for the every cancer patients, If you can be done this application during three months then you can heal your cancer problems easily and totally. Researchers has invented that it is very effective than chemotherapy treatments or radiotherapy or surgery processes.

Amazing Frozen Lemons and Normal Baking soda

Woderful and productive combination;10000 times powerful than Chemotherapeutical chemicals!!!!!!!


  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice(Should use required  amount from the whole lemon fruit)
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda ( remember to take alluminium free cooking baking soda)
  • 8 oz water


  1. Patients should drink 4 times a day.
  2. Please make sure to use organic lemons.


First you select fresh and unpeeled lemon > next step is you should keep it to freeze well. After frozen your lemon. Take way from the refriregirator. Finally you will make 2 table spoon of lemon juice. And  half table spoon of  normal cooking baking soda. Then add 8 oz water for that. Now mix well.

Now you can consume it. You should drink it 4 times per day. This organic lemon drink is very effective and productive to healing the cancer. Actually “Amazing Frozen Lemons”, natural medicine for every cancer.

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