Alcoholism can lost your whole life

Alcoholism is really nutritional deficient.

Most person say that the alcoholism(Dipsomania) hasn’t natural medicines or other natural treatments. But main reason of the alcoholism is nutritional deficiencies. If we consume alcohol in long time when our physio-chemical rhythm has changed automatically to be formed nutritional deficiencies due to effect of the alcohol. Anyway if we can our dietary pattern when we can drop it. deficient is also chronic disease. But natural food can help to stop the alcoholism.Alcoholism

Symptoms of the Alcoholism

  • headaches,
  • Staggered speech,
  • Blurred vision,
  • Reduction in brain activity.
  • Causes weakness of muscles
  • Imbalance in chemical equilibrium in the liver,
  • ulcers in the digestive lining
  • What Factors Contribute to Alcoholism?

Scientist has investigated that major reason for the this deficient  has relationship  with genetic condition of the person. Genetic variations leads to be formed physio-chemical imbalanced of the body. Then results are psychological and spiritual imbalance of the addicted person. Further more Alcoholic addiction   is also chronic disease and it has some equal factors as the diabetes patients. Both patients are imbalanced of blood sugar and nutrient in the body.

Natural Treatment and Options for Alcoholism

Dipsomania  has relationship of the nutrient imbalanced in the body. Because they cant absorb most nutrient properly, so need consume daily as high amount. If we can treat for the nutrient deficient when alcoholism can stop effectively. There are varies type of treatments and dietary pattern can be found. Anyway always should response about the natural food has richer with mentioned nutrients as below.

  1. Vitamin B12
    Vitamin-B- series vitamin help to maintain our metabolism. It can regulate the function of brain as well as liver. Then body will become to the normal condition ,finally help to ease the cravings of the alcohol.
  2. Vitamin C
    The entire body, but particularly the brain, requires high levels of vitamin C. This nutrient helps mediate the activity of the opiate receptors in the brain, which helps reduce an individual’s interest in drugs and alcohol.Example for vitamin-C richest fruits are grape juice, dates, lemon, honey, orange juice, willow bark, banana, apple and bitter gourd.
    If we consider our body when it need higher amount of Vitamin –C and specially brain requires vitamin –c than other organs. Vitamins-c help to stimulate receptors of the bran ,finally person can reduced consumption of the alcohol and drugs. Actually provide signal to release from the alcoholism.
  3. Amino Acids
    Amino acids can break the addiction circle. If you consume amino acid richer foods when you can release from the Dipsomania.You try to intake most important amino acid such as l-glutamine,It is very special amino acid to alcoholism.
  4. Acupuncture
    Most Asians press specific point in the body to release endorphin while it help to relieve the pain and anxiety in body. This treatment is called as acupuncture and this method can use cure from the drunkenness. This treatment system use use specially and effectively in Sri Lanka Ayurveda medicine.
  5. Exercise
    Another important treatment system is exercise.If you can practice exercise daily when it will help to solve boozing. Exercise help to improve your every system in the body.Exercise can direct to your every organs to correct physical conditions releasing by endorphin. And it help to decrease of the craving of the alcoholism and drugs.
    If you can practice a balanced approach when you can solve your alcoholism. Symptoms of the Alcoholism

Person who need medical assistance, Don’t delay to take medical treatment and don’t go for only home remedies.

Home Remedies for Alcoholism

some important home remedies can help alcoholics rid themselves of this disease to some extent. These are given as below:

  1. Take celery stick and chop it.Then blend it.5 sticks can form around 150ml normally.If you like when you add some ginger or apple and finally drink it.This juice help to solve alcoholism.celery-leaves-Alcoholism
  2. Take some Grape fruits and blend it well and finally drink it.Grapes-Alcoholism
  3. Dates can fulfill your nutrient imbalance so it benefits reduce to consumption of the alcohol..And You should drink well everyday.well.Dates-Alcoholism
  4. Mixture of lemon and honey recover your nutrient imbalance and finally you can live without alcohol. If you consume this mixture daily per twice then automatically you goes to healthy life.
  5. Orange juice can fulfill your nutrient imbalanced as well as it can be stronger your psychological condition.Finally can release from alcoholism.
  6. Banana helps to control your potassium imbalanced. Finally you live healthy.It help to control consume the alcohol.
  7. Apple can play to reduce the alcohol consumption.So try eat or apple so much as your wish.
  8. Alcohol will dehydrate the body. So advise to consume water so much everyday. And it will help to recover your organs immediately.


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