25 Natural Thyroid Treatment List 2016

  • Selenium richer food can conduct your thyroid gland in proper condition as wel as can solve your thyroid problems.So try to always to consume listed foods as below.
    • Onion
    • Liver
    • Kidney
    • Crabs
    • Sunflower oil and seeds
    • Tuna –fish
    • Sardine
    • Salmon
    • Garlic.
    • Mushrooms
    • TurkeySelenium richer food-health-facts-review.com
  • Main reason for goiter is lack of iodine in your body.So try to take iodine richer food always when you can solve goiter. Eat given food as below.
    • Iodized salt
    • Seafoods
    • Cod
    • Milk
    • Tuna fish
    • Eggs
    • SeaweedsEgg and Fish-health-facts-review.com
  • These thyroid-inhibiting foods are also known as goitrogens, and I’m going to discuss the negative impact they can have on your health, and list some of the common foods which you will want to minimize your consumption of, and in some cases, completely avoid.  This is especially true if you have a hypothyroid condition, but even if you have hyperthyroidism you still want to minimize the consumption of these foods. Thyroid inhibiting foods are called as goitrogenes foods.You should not consume  or minimize the such foods .They will be given negative impact  for your health. I  give some examples for the goitregenes foods
    • Cabbage.
    • Turnips
    • Peanuts
    • Soya beans
    • Kale
    • Brussels sprouts
    • Sweet potatoes
    • Anyway don’t stop eat such foods but eat a less quantities as well as eat as raw foods.Turnips-health-facts-review.com
  • Green tea can increase your metabolism stimulating by your organs as well as Thyroid glands.Finaly you can goiter free life.Practice to use green tea .if you can drink three time perday or as your wish so much.
    • You can drink it as normal tea
    • You can  drink it with milk
    • You can drink it with lemon Juice
    • You can drink it Bee Honey.
    • *** For best results,You should use 2,3 table spoons per one time.Green-Tea-health-facts-review.com
  • There is lots of natural iodine in this brown algae called Kelp. It is actually a seaweed. It helps in regularizing the thyroid gland. Japanese diet contains a lots of kelp. So, you may learn to make certain Japanese dishes like dashi soups and sushi. However, there are more ways to include kelp seaweed into your diet. Brown algae has lot of natural iodine.It is  seaweed(Kelp). Most Japanese diet always consume seafoods. Try to consume so much seaweed. How to consume kelp so much. Take dried or pickeled kombu as your wish from market. Then Search Japanese menus by internet. Fianlly make your diet using by that menus.Or Use it as your wish.We need only consume to uptake our iodine level.brown algae-health-facts-review.com
  • Lemon balm help to promote your immune system when your hormone level will become to the correct condition .Finally your thyroid problems  will be solved. But if you suffer from glaucoma when you don’t use lemon balm. Take a 2 table spoons of Lemon balm. Then Add one cup of water. wait 10 minutes.Then add 2 table spoon of Honey. Finally consume it as tea.Lemon balm-health-facts-review.com
  • If you  are suffering by fast heartbeat because overactive thyroid glands when you can Motherwort and can solve your symtoms.You should consume as tea. Take dried motherwort leaves 2 table spoon.And One cup of hot water. Stiring well within 5, 10 minutes. Then mix one table spoon of Honey. Find Good bee honey for this remedies. Then drink it as tea.Motherwort-health-facts-review.com
  • Basically coconut has rarely found fat such as Lauric acid in higer percentage. Additionally It has anti-viral ,Anti-bacterial and anti-protozoa activities.This fatty acid can change to energy without changing the glucose. You should consume 1? 4 of coconut oil. Find Good quality organic based coconut oil. You can cook your vegetable using by coconut oil. And You can use coconut oil with tea or coffee,You can drink it directly.Most Asian and Sri lankan use much coconut oil for cooking.so they  live free of thyroid troubles.coconut-oil-health-facts-review.com

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