10 Cancer Symptoms you shouldn’t Ignore

As most of us don’t give a second thought about a recurrent cough, one can easily think it is due to seasonal reasons. However it I wise to get your physician / family doctor to give it a second thought, reason being study carried by the cancer research UK revels that most adults have faced the alarms of a possible cancer.

10 Cancer Symptoms you shouldn't IgnoreA study carried out for a sample of 5000 adults those who visited a GP in this matter through a standard questions out of which 1800 responded by completing the sheets. In this sample batch five stated that they have cancer. Also they were questioned ranging from any remarkable weight losses,  continuous cough to feeling of low energy with a special comment to state whether it was thought be serious

“It is a question to think whether most of us apply what we know practically to the theory” says a senior research fellow at Universty College London. Also with the high level of knowledge what we have, most of the patients who experience cancer still deny the fact as it as a possible cause

The following are the 10 Cancer Symptoms points that we are about to talk about that could be a possibly a cancer.

  1. Persistent Cough or Hoarseness

A random cough will not be a cause of cancer for sure. However a repeated cough along with blood could have a reasonable weight to the point says medical director of the Cancer Prevention Center at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. So if it is the case it may be a lung cancer, is to be double checked through a CT scan or chest X-ray.

  1. Persistent Change in Bowel Habits

 If the bowel movement is becoming abnormal than before or stool appears to be deformed this could be a sigh for colon cancer, says Bartholomew Bevers. It could be an indication that there could be a obstructing the path of the bowel path. A best way to clarify this is to get an colonoscopy done to make sure the case.

  1. Persistent Change in Bladder Habits

if  blood appears in urine it seems to be a kidney or bladder cancer. However it could be due to UTI (Urinary tract infection) as well, says Bartholomew Bevers. A checkup for the infection is the first to do.

  1. Persistent Unexplained Pain

Nervous system reports various types pains, out of this persistent pain must be alarmed says Bartholomew Bevers. If one has continuous headache it could be due to brain cancer. If a pain in the abdomen presents in the abdomen it could be ovarian cancer.

  1. Change in the Appearance of a Mole

The appearance of the skin patches or moles are indicative of melanoma, a dermatologist can confirm whether it is a skin cancer  Bartholomew Bevers.

  1. A Sore That Does Not Heal

A  sore, wound or an inflammation that lasts for more than three weeks that has no signs of healing, can be a symptom of cancer. says Bartholomew Bevers.

  1. Unexpected Bleeding

Bleeding from the rectum and vaginal bleeding out of the cycles can be related to colon cancer and cervical cancer respectively, says Bartholomew Bevers

  1. Unexplained Weight Loss

If ones weight looses so rapidly without any effort it could be an indication of tumor/malignancy says Bartholomew Bevers

  1. An Unexplained Lump

Appearance of a lump or a lump that grows, this is where your attention should be drawn to consult a physician, says Bartholomew Bevers. Either it could be bening cyst, or a cancer in the connection tissue beneath the skin. It is wise to seek medical treatment ASAP.

  1. Persistent Difficulty Swallowing

Either it could be a esophageal cancer or a neck cancer for those who finds it difficult to swallow.  However most of us adapt to consume softer foods to get away with the pain. It is wise to see a surgeon for clarification.


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